Artnet AG is an online service provider for the international art trade. The main offices of the company are in Berlin and New York, with offices in China, UK and Russia.

Business Model

The business idea of artnet is to make the art market in the fields of fine art, applied art and design through the fullest possible information on price developments and market trends transparent. About the online platform of artnet market prices can be identified, researched on the international market available artworks and contact galleries are included. The network is aimed at both dealers and buyers of art.


The core of this business model are the price databases of artnet. The artnet Price Database Fine Art and Design Price Database Decorative Art and cover according to the company currently about 7 million results from more than 700 auction houses. The Price Database Fine Art and Design includes auction results since 1985, the sale results in the Price Database Decorative Art begin with the year 2000. Via the price databases will enable the online market prices and long-term price changes in artists works investigate. Both databases are accessible via monthly subscriptions.

Second core product is the gallery network artnet Galleries belong to the currently approximately 2000 international galleries and their artists and their works. It allows a comprehensive market overview of exhibitions and works of art offered. Collectors can research it for free after collection areas or artists and get in touch with the providers. The galleries pay for their presence a monthly contribution.

These services are complemented by the online auction platform artnet Auctions purchased at the Fine Arts and Design and can be offered for sale: Tenders will be presented in each case only a few days. Next has artnet about editorially independent art magazines in several languages, a directory with artist monographs, an international exhibition calendar, e- mail notifications about new available on the market works, monthly newsletter and other products.



Artnet was founded in 1989. The first product of the company was provided with a digital illustrations, database, containing auction prices for works of art. Collectors and dealers so got a quick overview of the price trends in the art market. Data and images could be retrieved via modem through a proprietary software. In 1995, the former art dealer Hans Neuendorf, one of the founders of artnet, was appointed CEO.


1996, the price database was transferred to the Internet and was now using platform independent. On the website of the artnet databases can be searched online since then. artnet Galleries, the artnet Magazine and other information services expanded the site to an online platform for collectors, dealers and other players in the art market.

The Artnet Worldwide Corp.. went in 1998 as a wholly owned subsidiary of AG, which was built in Germany in 1998. In 1999, the first listing of the company on the Neuer Markt of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

In 2000 artnet attempted to offer as an additional service online auctions for art. However, the concept did not prevail at this time on the market.

In 2002 the company changed its name in artnet AG. On 4 October 2002, artnet AG left the Neuer Markt and has since been listed on the Regulated Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

In autumn 2004 artnet led his website one to make the contents of to a German audience. This was also the German -language magazine of artnet Online, which offers independent of the American magazine a critical look at the international art scene.

Since 1 February 2007, the company has been listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

In February 2008, artnet launched its online auctions again, who could set up through lower transaction costs and faster processing than traditional auction houses and have grown rapidly in size and revenue.

In October 2008 came the French website online - as well as and with an independent magazine that critically monitored specifically the art market in France.

Also in the fall of 2008, a monthly German-language newsletter was in addition to the existing English Newsletter introduced. This free information service contains news about artists, galleries, art fairs, auctions and other events with a focus on the German market.

Since March 2009, the Price Database Fine Art and Design is complemented by the more price database Price Database Decorative Art, the sale results of antiques such as furniture, silverware, carpets and watches contains since 2000.

In December 2011, artnet launched its new product artnet Analytics Reports representing the market development of internationally significant artists in easy to understand charts and indexes. Various Artists indices can be compared with each other or with Finazindizes such as the Dow Jones or the S & P 500.

The end of June, both the English - and the German - and French-speaking artnet Magazine were each set.

Since 1 July 2012, Jacob Pabst, son of Hans Neuendorf, the new CEO of artnet AG.


In autumn 2004 artnet concluded a cooperation with the international auction house Sotheby's.

In summer 2007, the cooperation of artnet with Art Basel / Art Basel Miami Beach began. Part of this cooperation is a virtual extension of this art fair, which exhibited works about the end of the exhibition are also accessible on artnet online.

In October 2008 artnet entered into a collaboration with the Federal Association of German Galleries and Editions ( BVDG ).

There are further cooperation between the artnet and Art Fairs ARCO Madrid, Art Cologne, Art and Design Elysees Elysees, with the journal Eikon and The Art Newspaper as well as with the Museum Kunst Palast.


Among the customers of artnet include private collectors, gallery owners, appraisers, museums, auctioneers, insurance companies and government agencies, including the American financial IRS, and the FBI.

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