Artur Auernhammer

Artur Auernhammer ( born March 9, 1963 in Oberhochstatt, County White Castle -Gunzenhausen ) is a German politician ( CSU).

Education and work

After attending secondary school and vocational school building for agriculture Auernhammer graduated from an agricultural teaching. He then attended the Agricultural College in White Castle in Bavaria and the Upper farming school in Triesdorf. Auernhammer is now working as a land surveyor and agriculturalist in the family business for dairy farming, which he took over in 1995.


Auernhammer was 1993 Member of the Junge Union in 1994 and the CSU. Since 1998 he has been District Chairman of the CSU Agriculture Working Group in Middle Franconia.

Member of Parliament

Auernhammer belongs since 1996 to the council of the district of White Castle -Gunzenhausen and, since 2002, the City Council of White Castle.

On 29 July 2004 he joined the German Bundestag for the retired deputies Albert Dess. In the 2005 federal election but was not re- elected to the Bundestag.

Auernhammer is drawn over the national list Bavaria in the Bundestag.