Artyomovsk, Russia

Artyomovsk (Russian Артёмовск ) is a small town in Krasnoyarsk (Russia) with 2179 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The city is located on the southwest flank of the Eastern Sayan, approximately 180 kilometers (direct distance ) south of the regional capital of Krasnoyarsk, on the river Dscheb in the river system of the Yenisei.

The city is located in the Artyomovsk Rajon Kuragino, about 70 kilometers north-east of the administrative center Kuragino which, whilst not having city rights, but today exceeds by population Artyomovsk sixfold.


About 1700 originated in the area of the present town, the village Olkhovka (of Russian olcha for alder). 1835, the site was mentioned as a settlement Olchowski at a gold mine. With the expansion of gold mining in Soviet times the site grew and received in 1939 under the present name of the city right (after the revolutionary Fyodor Sergeyev, named Artyom ). Since the 1960s and especially the 1980s, the importance of this area decreased with shift in the focus of gold exploration in other regions of the country from, and the population declined sharply. With the factual setting of gold production in the 1990s, the place is gradually becoming a ghost town.


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Gold production with the by-products of copper and silver, formerly in the hands of Jenisseisoloto, came in the 1990s to a halt.

In eight kilometers in 1965 completed Südsibirische Abakan railway leads - Taischet at the place over ( station Koschurnikowo at the eponymous settlement ).

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