Arup Group Limited

Arup is an engineering company with headquarters in London. It provides for the construction field services such as engineering, design, planning, project management and consulting. The company has offices, a total of 92 offices in 37 countries with over 10,000 employees worldwide. In Germany, there are offices in Berlin, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt am Main. Projects were carried out in more than 160 countries.


The company was founded on April 1, 1946 by Sir Ove Arup under the name " Ove Arup N., Consulting Engineers " and in the same year by the addition of partner Ronald Jenkins, Geoffrey Wood and Andrew Young as " Ove Arup & Partners " reformed. In the next few years they took orders in the kingdom, including the Coventry Cathedral. 1956 Arup had already 30 employees and Peter Dunican was promoted to partner in 1961 and 1965 Ronald Hobbs Povl Ahm and Jack Zunz followed.

Together with the architect Jørn Utzon, they started in 1957 with the implementation of the design of their prestige project, the Sydney Opera House.

In 1963 she entered into a collaboration with the architect Philip Dowson, who also became a partner in 1969. After a 1967 reform already in 1970 by the next. From the " Ove Arup Partnership" the parent company " Ove Arup & Partners " and " Arup Associates " was born. In the same year put Sir Ove Arup in a keynote speech, set the values ​​of the company. To Arup in 1973 reached a headcount of 1,500.

As in 1977, most of the original partners approaching retirement age, the company was restructured. The shares of all partnerships have now been held in trust.

1988 died Sir Ove Arup and 1989, the Foundation The Ove Arup Foundation in his memory was established. 1991, the company had already 3,500 people and in 1992 the company Ove Arup Partnership, a private company with unlimited liability, which was administered for their employees on a trust basis. It became a limited liability company (Ltd. ) 1999.

Towards the end of the 20th century, the company grew for the first time through mergers (eg Rofe Kennard & Lapworth, Design Research Associates Ltd., BMP Communications, NAPA and Jolyon Drury Consultants) and acquisitions (eg Rossmore ).

In 2001, Arup Australia and Ove Arup Partnership Ltd. merged and created the Arup Group Ltd.. , which now is known as Arup but simple.

Prestigious projects

  • Sydney Opera House, Sydney
  • Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
  • Oresund Bridge, Denmark / Sweden
  • 30 St Mary Axe, London
  • HSBC Headquarters, Hong Kong
  • Channel Tunnel Rail Link, UK
  • Millennium Bridge, London
  • Angel of the North, UK
  • Allianz Arena, Munich
  • Fondation Beyeler, Riehen
  • Royal Opera (Copenhagen), Royal Opera Copenhagen
  • Sandridge Bridge, Melbourne
  • Canton Tower, Guangzhou
  • National Aquatics Center (Water Cube ), Beijing
  • Beijing National Stadium ( Bird's Nest ), Beijing
  • China Central Television Headquarters, Beijing
  • Metropol Parasol, Seville
  • The Shard, London
  • Kingdom Tower, Jeddah


2006 Arup received from the Australian organization Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency ( Eowa ) for the fifth time in a row the award Employer of Choice for Women, although less than a third of employees are women. In 2006, she moved in as determined by the Sunday Times ranking of the top employers in the UK from 67th place to No. 37.

Furthermore, it gives Arup for his projects regularly awards in the fields of fire protection, innovation and design.

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