AS Cittadella

The AS Cittadella is an Italian football club from the Venetian city of Cittadella. The club color is garnet. As the stadium Stadio Pier Cesare association serves the Tombolato, it can accommodate 7,623 spectators. In the 2012/13 season, the club plays in Serie B.


The AS Cittadella created in 1973 from the merger of Cittadellese and Olympic Cittadella. This merger was initiated by Angelo Gabrielli to establish a team of Cittadella in professional football. The first years of its existence were difficult due to the rivalry between the members of the two original clubs. 1980 won the AS Cittadella her first success as one the Coppa Italia Series D won. 1988/89 reached the summit in the C2 series. A short time later, the team from the small town of Cittadella succeeded in rising to the next higher class, the Lega Pro Prima Divisione, then called Serie C1.

In 2001, the first club to Serie B rose in the second Italian league on. During the season they played at the Stadio Euganeo in Padova, as the capacity of the stadium in Cittadella did not meet the requirements of series B. While the team played there, the club called AS Cittadella Padova. However, once in the first season of AS Cittadella rose in Serie B again. Now followed six seasons in the Lega Pro Prima Divisione. In the 2007 /08 season, Cittadella qualified in third place after winning the relegation against Foligno Calcio and U.S. Cremonese again for example series since Cittadella always managed to avoid relegation. In the 2009/10 season the team reached Rank 6 in the table, then you had the opportunity to advance in the Serie A. In the relegation matches to move up but Cittadella failed in the semifinals at Brescia Calcio.


Play their home games at the Stadio AS Cittadella Pier Cesare Tombolato in Cittadella from. The stadium holds 7623 spectators. It was built in 1981, with the initial capacity was only 4000 seats. Since this number is not the statutes of the Series B corresponded, the club had when you first climb into the second Italian league in the Stadio Euganeo, the home of Calcio Padova move. After the descent in the Lega Pro Prima Divisione in 2002 they moved back to his home stadium. When re- promotion to Serie B in 2008, the club renovated the Stadio Pier Cesare Tombolato, which is named after a goalie who at age 18 died in 1957 in a collision on the field, so it is now 7623 people provided space. For the first season games of the season 2008/ 09 the club gave way to Treviso, since the works were still in progress.

Former Players

  • Italy Enrico Fantini
  • Italy Stefano Ghirardello
  • Italy Ezio Glerean
  • Italy Giovanni Martuscello
  • Italy Stefano Okaka
  • Italy Alberto Pierobon
  • Italy Giorgio Pierobon
  • Italy Franco Pierobon
  • Italy Luigi Pierobon
  • Italy Fausto Pizzi
  • Italy Matteo Rubin
  • Italy Enrico Sambo
  • Italy Werner Seeber
  • Italy Alessio Sestu
  • Italy Alessandro Sgrigna
  • Italy Paolo De Toffol
  • Italy Adriano Zancopè
  • Italy Carlo Zotti

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