ASA (automobile)

The Italian car manufacturer Autocostruzione SpA ( Societa per Azione ) - short ASA in Milan - existed from 1962 to 1967 The big goal of the small company was to build a competitive sports car that could have success on the American and European market.. Enzo Ferrari was a major developer of the car. However, he refused these cars for sale under the name of Ferrari, which is why they were sold as ASA. As the cars all had no success, the company was forced to close again in 1967.


The only model that gained some notoriety, was the ASA 1000 GT. However, this model was not successful enough.

Success in Sport

Two RB613 ASA 1966 were in the 24- hour race at Le Mans at the start. One was used by the North American Racing Team, the second was a works car. At the wheel of company cars, the two Italian Ignazio Giunti and Spartaco Dini alternated. The factory cars fell after 31 laps by coupling loss from the North -American car, with two Frenchmen at the wheel, after 50 rounds had an accident and also failed.

Pictures of ASA (automobile)