Asbolos (Greek Ἄσβολος, soot Latinized, Asbolus ) is a centaur in Greek mythology.

In Hesiod and Ovid, he is one of the Centaurs, the fight at the wedding of Pirithous with the Lapithern. The epithet bird Schauer ( οἰωνιστής or augur ) indicates Clairvoyance.

According to Flavius ​​Philostratus he was crucified after the Battle of Heracles. On the Cross wrote this epigram:

I, Asbolos, neither fearing punishment from the gods nor of men, am, hanging from a resinous spruce with pointed needles consecrated as a plentiful meal almost ever-living ravens.

In ancient pictorial representations of Kentaurenkämpfen he is an inscription on the Attic black-figure Klitiaskrater (ca. 570/60 BC ) and a black-figure Attic kantharos in the Berlin Collection of Classical Antiquities ( Inv. No. F1737; approximately mid-6th century BC) attests.

Pictures of Asbolus