Asclepiad (title)

As Asklepiads described themselves in ancient Greece families and individuals who traced their ancestry to the healing god Asklepios and his son Podaleirios or were considered to be their disciples. They tried by often to legitimize their medical activities in the broadest sense. Historical evidence for this is the Asklepiadeneid or specifically the Hippocratic Oath. This oath swore the doctors at the start of their profession. The famous doctors figures of Greek antiquity Hippocrates of Kos and Ctesias of Cnidus appealed to the healing god Asklepios.

There were about Asklepiads in Trikka in Thessaly, Epidauros in the northeastern Peloponnese, on the island of Rhodes, on the island of Kos, and in the opposite it on the mainland city of Knidos. In Knidos there was a medical school that competed with in Kos.

The physician Asclepiades of Bithynia from Prusa, however, has taken the name only as a term of respect.

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