Ascoli Calcio 1898

Ascoli Calcio 1898 is an Italian football club was established in 1898 from the located in the Marche town of Ascoli Piceno.

The club currently plays in Lega Pro Prima Divisione. Total played Ascoli already 16 seasons in Serie A.


In November of 1898 founded twelve young people from Ascoli Piceno the first sports club in the Italian region of the Marche. The team was first by an officer of the garibaldi African troops, Candido Augusto Vecchi, named.

In 1905 the club changed, mainly for political reasons, the name in Ascoli Vigor. 1925 began with the construction of the Stadio Comunale dei Giardini, which was later renamed Stadio Squarcia. In 1926, the stadium was inaugurated with a friendly match against Lazio. In the following year Ascoli took first at the official championship and binned promptly on the first place, what the initial ascent meant. Ascoli succeeded in the following years to confirm the good performances and remain in the third Italian league.

After the Second World War, some district teams from Ascoli Piceno merged to form AS Ascoli ( Associazione Sportiva Ascoli ), however, it lasts until the season 1954/55 until the club receives the operation of gambling on the Series IV again. However, the club was already in that same year, again. Therefore, in 1955 followed another club merger with Del Duca and the change in the association's name in Del Duca Ascoli. This went back and sporting success and 1958/59 returns the club to the third tier back, which is now called C series.

In 1963, the current venue, Stadio Cino e Lillo del Duca, completed. In 1968, Costantino Rozzi took over the presidency of the association, under his leadership, there was a turning point in Ascoli. Three years later, the club was renamed again. It received its present name Ascoli Calcio 1898 and grew the first time in the B series. In the first season they played for the promotion to the Serie A, but failed by one point in it. A year later, in 1973 /74, and succeeded by Carlo Mazzone of first-time promotion to the top Italian league. The following years played Ascoli constant in Serie A and classified mostly in the midfield only fifth place 1979/80 while out of line. Overall Ascoli spent 16 seasons in Serie A, with short interludes in the second division.

The serial crack for season 1994/95, however, abruptly. First, the president Costantino Rozzi, who is called because of its great successes in the club and its supporters since Presidentissimo died, and then the club rose again after over 23 years in the C series from. As a successor to the late president Costantino Rozzi, a group of investors under the auspices of Nazzareno Cappelli. Since the 2000 /01 season is Roberto Benigni, the former Vice President, President of the Association.

In the season 2005/ 06 Ascoli played in eleven years again in Serie A. This was achieved, however, not the sport itself, but as a beneficiary of several Lizenzentzüge by the Italian Football Federation. The clubs Torino Calcio and AC Perugia each was denied a license, so these were excluded from the climb. The CFC Genoa was the rise also denied after the club match-fixing were detected. Together with the Treviso FBC moved Ascoli so after a climber. At the end of the season was reached with the twelfth place in the league. In the season 2006/ 07 was only one table 19th and thus increased again after two years in Serie B from. 2012/13 was followed by even the relegation to the third tier, the Lega Pro Prima Divisione, after after all the game day the 20th place in the table of the Series B receipts and thus had to descend together with Vicenza Calcio, FC Pro Vercelli and U.S. Grosseto. On 15 December 2013, now in the C series, playing club at the Tribunale di Ascoli reported officially files for bankruptcy.

Former Players

  • Italy Franco Brienza
  • Italy Cristian Bucchi
  • Croatia Igor Budan
  • Cristian Sebastián Cejas Argentina
  • Italy Stefano Colantuono
  • Chile Nicolás Andrés Córdova
  • Italy Luigi Di Biagio
  • Italy Marco Ferrante
  • Italy Roberto Guana
  • Italy Filippo Maniero
  • Italy Giampiero Maini
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Zlatan Muslimović
  • Romania Valentin Năstase
  • Italy Walter Novellino

Former coach


A- Team:

  • Mitropa Cup: 1 ( 1987)
  • Series B: 2 (1977 /78 and 1985/86 )
  • Series C: 1 (1971 /72)
  • Serie C1: 1 ( 2000/ 01)
  • Supercoppa Series C: 1 (2001/ 02)

Youth Team:

  • Coppa Italia Primavera: 1 (1991 /92)


Players of Ascoli Calcio be popularly known also woodpeckers ( Picchio ). Supposedly the Iron Age ritual migration of the inhabitants have taken place, at which they were led by a woodpecker.

Pictures of Ascoli Calcio 1898