Aserca Airlines

  • Caracas
  • Valencia

Aserca Airlines is a Venezuelan airline based in Valencia.


Aserca Airlines ( Aero Servicios Carabobo ) was founded in 1968 as a private airline with small aircraft. In 1992, the airline in the domestic scheduled market with a leased Douglas DC- 9-30. The business of Aserca focused on the region around Valencia, but he managed from 1994 Caracas to develop as a hub, which led to a significant growth in market share and an extension of the routes to Bogota, Lima, Miami and Aruba. Between 1998 and 2001, had Aserca the majority of shares in Air Aruba. The airline belongs Migdalia García ( 95%) and Simeón García ( 5%). Since the end of 2007, there are plans Aserca with Santa Barbara Airlines to merge. A first Boeing 757 has been provided with a combined paint ( SBA Airlines titles and Aserca Airlines logo).


The Aserca Airlines serves important national objectives in Venezuela and international destinations in the Caribbean. There, mainly in the Dominican Republic and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


As of November 2013, the fleet of Aserca Airlines consists of 13 aircraft:

  • 4 Douglas DC-9 -30 ( 2 decommissioned)
  • 6 McDonnell Douglas MD -82 (2 leased to Santa Barbara Airlines; 3 decommissioned)
  • 3 McDonnell Douglas MD -83 (2 leased to Santa Barbara Airlines ( 1 decommissioned) )
  • 2 McDonnell Douglas MD -87 (2 decommissioned)