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Askim? / I is a city and a Norwegian municipality in the province (county ) Østfold, bounded on the east by Trøgstad and Eidsberg. In the north and west Askim borders the municipalities Spydeberg, to the south Skiptvet.


The city's name is derived from the Norwegian designations Ask ( ash) and home, that is the home of the ash. Grave mounds and excavations show that the area was settled at the maturity of the longest Norwegian river, Glomma, already thousands of years ago. In the reign of Olav the Holy inhabitants are said to have founded Askim in 1016 the town of Sarpsborg. The place Langnes in the community was known by the Battle of the Langnes ski jump between Swedish and Norwegian troops in 1814 that led to the end of the Swedish - Norwegian War and the conclusion of the Convention of Moss. Askim received its town status in 1996 and is known for its high number of immigrants, its famous library and its cultural center. Askim has two cinemas and a bath Østfoldbad, in the middle of the city. In the city there are three hydropower plants ( Vamma, Solbergfoss and Kykkelsrud ). Since 1995, every year in August, the force Festival, a music and culture festival, held. The highlight of the festival are the concerts in the turbine hall of Kykkelsrud power plant.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of the city dates from the year 1963. Showing three rivers and to the three waterfalls in the municipality represent the Kykkelsrudfoss, Solbergfoss and Vammafoss.

Twin Cities

  • Huddinge (Sweden)
  • Lyngby - Taarbæk (Denmark)
  • Vantaa (Finland )
  • Seydisfjördur ( Iceland )
  • Nuuk ( Greenland)
  • Rapla (Estonia)


Sons and daughters of the town

Known inhabitants Askims

  • Line Henriette Holten Hjemdal, Member of the Storting
  • Bjarne Thoresen, Norwegian champion in the shot put from 1936 to 1939 and 1948
  • Tor- Axel Busch, rich lawyer
  • Håvard Melnæs, writer
  • Øyvind Karlsen Bremer, writer
  • Kjell Ola Dahl, Thriller Writers
  • Olav Zakariassen, writer
  • Valeri Rubacha, organist
  • Cecilie Hesselnberg Løken, musicians
  • Trond Erikson, composer and journalist
  • Kari Middelthon, painter and journalist
  • Dag Erik Storaker, painter
  • Sidsel Westbø, painter
  • Camilla H. Huse, footballer
  • Karl Petter Løken, Footballer
  • Harald Nordberg, Illustrator
  • Bente Bing Kleiva, librarian