ASML Holding

The Dutch company ASML is the world's largest provider of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry. The extremely complex machines play an important role in the manufacture of integrated circuits ( microchips ). 80 % of all chip manufacturers ( IDMs and Foundies ) worldwide customers of ASML and its global market share is 65%. ASML provides worldwide customer service at over 50 service centers in 14 countries.

The company was established as a joint venture of Advanced Semiconductor Materials International ( ASMI ) and Philips founded in 1984, at that time still under the name of " ASM Lithography ". Meanwhile, ASML has been converted to an equity company and listed on the stock exchange AEX and NASDAQ. Philips but still holds a minority stake. The headquarters of ASML is located in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. There is also the research and development department and the assembly under clean room conditions. Spending on research and development in 2007 amounted to 500 million euros, net income was nearly 700 million euros.