Assam conflict

The Assam conflict is a riot in the Indian state of Assam.

The conflict began in the 1970s. He comes from the tension between Assamese and Bengalis, as well as groups with separatist aspirations. In addition, the state is rich in oil deposits. The conflict has led to the exodus of thousands of people.

Several organizations, including the United Liberation Front of Asom ( ULFA ), Adivasi National Liberation Army, Karbi Longri NC Hills Liberation Front ( KLNLF ), National Democratic Front of Bodoland, and sulfa, make the uprising. ULFA is perhaps the largest of these groups and, founded in 1979, one of the oldest. ULFA has or had links to Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, and was active in the drug business. She has also perpetrated attacks on Hindi -speaking migrant workers ..