Assam tea

Assam ( Assamese: অসম, Hindi: आसाम also असम ) refers to a type of tea from the same growing area in North-East India. Black Assam teas are characterized by a strong, malty and usually partly reminiscent of honey flavor. They are very economical and relatively insensitive to hard water. Rare Assam teas are offered as green teas. Assam teas are the main component of the well-known East Frisian blends.


In 1823 tea plants were discovered growing wild in Assam. A Scottish traveler observed that members of the Singpho - nation is prepared from the leaves of these shrubs tea. This was particularly noteworthy because it was assumed until then, tea grows exclusively in China or Japan. The early 1830s confirmed the Botanical Gardens of Calcutta, that it was a subspecies of the tea plant Camelia sinensis known from China. Then they sought Teegärtner and tea seeds from China to Assam. Over time, it turned out that a hybrid of Chinese tea bushes and wild indigenous tea bushes gave the best yields. Today, Assam is the largest contiguous tea growing region in the world.

Pictures of Assam tea