Asterios or Asterion (Greek Ἀστέριος or Ἀστερίων ) In Greek mythology, a Cretan ruler and husband of Europe. In prähellenischer time he was probably a sun and sky god of the Cretans, who also appeared in the form of a bull and whose attributes were later transferred to Zeus. His name "Star King " ( astér = star ) referred to the "dark side" ( night sky) of the Old God. As king of Crete he adopted Europe's three sons, Minos, Rhadamanthus and Sarpedon, which she had received from Zeus.

Asterion was a son of Tectamus (or Teutamus ) and a daughter of Cretheus. He even denied to biological children, so that Minos became his successor; according to another tradition, he was the father of the ridge.


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