Aston Martin DBR2

The Aston Martin DBR2 was a racing sports car, which was developed at Lagonda Aston Martin in 1957.


The DBR2 was closely related to the DBR1, but aerodynamic and longer. The project ran under the name DP166. Two drivers have been made ​​, the edited David Brown for the race track. When engine was a new 3.7 -liter unit used. 1958, the engine capacity was increased to 3.9 liters first and by the end of the season grew to 4.2 liters.

The DBR2 was driven primarily not at the World Sportscar Championship scoring race as Aston Martin did not have enough engines to contest a full World Cup season can.

The car with chassis number DBR2/370 fell in the 24- hour race at Le Mans in 1957 already early Saturday afternoon with engine failure. Dangers was the vehicle of the two Britons Peter and Graham Whitehead. The only success with the DBR2/370 reached Roy Salvadori at the Daily Express Trophy at Silverstone.

In 1958, Stirling Moss win the DBR2 some races in the UK, before both vehicles were sold in the United States. George Constantine denied so sports car race and stayed with the DBR2 few times victorious. 1960 ended the period of use of DBR2.

Since only two racing cars were built of this type, their value increased tremendously over the years. The DBR2/370 is no longer in its original, the second car changed hands a number of times the owner and was sold at auction for 1.7 million pounds.

Pictures of Aston Martin DBR2