Astra 1M

Astra 1M is one of five television satellites at 19.2 ° east of the type Euro E3000 SES Global ( formerly SES Astra - Société Européenne des Satellites - Astra ), headquartered in Betz village in Luxembourg, and for television reception in Europe the Middle East is set. Astrium is the prime contractor and is responsible for the development and construction of the satellites as well as for the delivery of the payload and the Euro E3000 platform.

SES Global was planned to bring this communication satellites in May 2008 by a Proton -M carrier rocket to a geostationary position. The launch was postponed due to technical problems with the rocket on October 2008. November 6, 2008 Astra 1M started with a Proton-M/Bris-M and was maneuvered until mid-January 2009 to its final position at 19.2 degrees east longitude.


The transmitter of the satellite can (Wide Beam via 1M) are received and replace the transmitter of the satellite Astra 1G in a row since January 20, 2009 in Europe (via 1M Europe beam) and the Middle East. The satellite Astra 1G 23.5 ° East was moved in February 2009 to the position. Astra 1M 36 has transponder ( after 5 years is still expected to at least 32 functioning transponders) in the Ku- band and three expandable reflector antennas.


The satellite is based on the satellite bus Euro Star 3000th He has a launch mass of 5.3 tonnes and will also have an output of 10 kW at the end of the operating period. The span of the two solar collectors in operation is 35 meters. For orbit correction of spacecraft features a main engine of 500 N thrust and 14 attitude control thrusters of 10 N of thrust. The life of 15 years are planned.

Pictures of Astra 1M