Astra 3B

Astra 3B is a Satellite of the operator SES Astra. It will complement the satellite Astra 3A at 23.5 ° East and replace there also positioned satellites Astra 1E and 1G.

Astra 3B was built by EADS Astrium and is based on the satellite platform euros E3000. It has 60 transponders in Ku-band transponders and four Ka-band. 52 Ku-band transponders and four Ka - band transponders all to be active. Use the engines of Astra 3B MMH as fuel and oxidizer MON 3 The start was scheduled for 9 April 2010, but had to be postponed three times, until he could finally take place on May 21. Astra 3B was placed in a geostationary orbit with four firings of its apogee.

Pictures of Astra 3B