Astraeus ( Ἀστραῖος; Latinized Astraeus ) is a figure from Greek mythology. Astraeus is a Titan and the god of dusk.

In Hesiod's Theogony and in the Libraries of Apollodorus Astraeus is the son of the goddess Eurybia and titanium Kreios. As the son of Kreios he is also himself a Titan. With his wife Eos ( goddess of the dawn ), he became the father according to the Greek idea of the four wind gods who Anemoi. These are Boreas ( north wind ), Euros ( East Wind ), Zephyr (West Wind ) and Notos ( South Wind ). He also begat the Morning Star and other stars. In Ovid 's winds are fratres as Astraei, referred to as " brothers of the Astraeus ".