Astragon is a German publisher for computer games, which specializes mainly in the production and distribution of casual games, simulations and edutainment titles. The company is a subsidiary of Rondo Media.

The company is since 2008 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria one of the leaders in the genre of so-called everyday simulations, together with Electronic Arts ( The Sims ). This position gives the company especially their most famous product line Farming Simulator, which has to date sold over one million times.

Unique and therefore discussed in the media, often the spectrum of the simulations is that the firm offers, as found in its portfolio also simulator games for crane or excavator operator, as an employee of garbage collection and to control sweepers. These niche products sell, despite an often scathing reviews in the journals, particularly in German-speaking very successful and can enjoy a steadily growing fan base.


The company was founded in 2000 as astragon Software GmbH in Hagen. Since the end of 2004, the software company has its headquarters in Mönchengladbach. Dirk Walner, the company founder, is a managing partner.

Astragon is known primarily for its simulators. The company places emphasis on realism and working at his games in their own words with experts in the various disciplines together. The development time is between six and 18 months. Astragon is also in possession of the exclusive distribution rights of the publisher BigFish Games and iWin.

Successful games are next to the Farming Simulator that is updated annually, the excavator simulator and the fishing simulators

Games (excerpt)

  • Tow Truck Simulator
  • Roller coaster simulator
  • Fishing - German rivers and lakes
  • Digger Simulator
  • Construction simulator 2014 ( announced )
  • Bus Simulator 2008
  • Bus Simulator 2009
  • Bus Simulator 2012
  • Bus & Cable Car Simulator
  • Demolition Company: The demolition simulator
  • Fire department simulator
  • Driving Simulator 2009
  • Driving Simulator 2012
  • Driving simulator 2013
  • Forklift simulator
  • Garden Simulator
  • Grim Tales
  • Port 2011
  • Handball - Simulator: European Tournament 2010
  • Woodcutter Simulator
  • Sweepers simulator
  • Crane Simulator
  • Farming Simulator
  • Delivery Truck Simulator
  • Garbage collection simulator
  • Commuter Manager 2012
  • Ports Of Call Deluxe 2008
  • Ambulance Simulator 2012
  • Ambulance simulator 2014
  • Swimming Pool Tycoon
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Persian Carpet
  • Ship Simulator 2006
  • Ship Simulator 2008 ( add-on )
  • Ski Region Simulator
  • Special vehicles simulator
  • Special transport simulator 2013
  • Blasting and demolition simulator
  • Quarry Simulator 2012
  • Tanker simulator
  • Titanic: Underwater Operations Simulator
  • Underground mining simulator
  • ZD train simulator
  • Circus Simulator 2013


The economic success of "everyday simulations " of the company Astragon can not really be understood by many classical game magazines and players because the games usually are characterized by a very simple gameplay, mediocre graphics and rather average ratings. They are still often best seller, year after year, again and again to take the top spot of the software charts for budget games for themselves.

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