Astrid Andreasen

Astrid Andreasen Jóhanna (* 1948 in Vestmanna, Faroe Islands ) is a Faroese textile artist, stamp designer and marine researcher with a focus on scientific illustrations.

Astrid begins early on with art by illustrating the poetry books of her father, a teacher in Vestmanna. From 1968 she is going to be in Kerteminde / Denmark on the craft school with the intention of a teacher of embroidery. In the 70 years she has worked as a therapist at the National Hospital in Torshavn, where she teaches mentally disabled to express themselves with embroidery, painting and other art forms. From 1982 she taught at the Art Academy in Aarhus drawing and pictorial weaving, and finally from 1990 to the Jerlesborg School in Tjarnö / Sweden scientific illustration with a focus on marine animals. This last training their crowns now embarked career as an oceanographer with her husband, a Faroese deep sea diver. Today Astrid Andreasen is the only artist at the Natural History Museum of the Faroe Islands and internationally known among collectors of postage stamps of the Postverk Føroya.