Astronomical symbols

Astronomical symbols are used to represent a variety of celestial bodies and observed astronomical events. The symbols listed below are commonly used in astronomy. Many of them are also found in Western astrology again that uses many different forms.

In alchemy the seven known metals with the then seven planets (planets metals) and weekdays were associated. Even in diaries of the Renaissance ( for example, log-book of Vitus Bering ), these symbols often used in the dates for the days of the week.

* The Unicode characters depending on the character set used may not be displayed correctly. In this case, a unicode enabled character set should be used. The sign of Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta and Chiron symbol were integrated Astrological symbols only in Unicode 5.1 (April 2008) in block Miscellaneous; for the representation of a current Unicode 5.1 -compliant character set is required.

** Depending on the character set used the character U 2641 is displayed as or.