Astrotech Corporation

The Spacehab (also SPACEHAB ) was a module for the Space Shuttle and served as storage space for experimentation. It was the mid-1980s by the same private U.S. companies developed ( Webster office is in Texas).

Originally Spacehab had been developed to provide more space as a space laboratory for scientific experiments. It should enlarge so the crew cabin of the space shuttle. The maiden flight of a Spacehab unit took place with STS -57 in the summer of 1993.

Similar to the European Spacelab the company offered alongside a pressurized module (either as a single or double unit ) and open platforms (called Integrated Cargo Carrier ) that are firmly anchored in the payload bay of the orbiter. In contrast to the upper part of the module Spacelab was carried out as a straight surface, to allow a more efficient installation of devices.

Spacehab at the STS -118 was the last time appointed in August 2007.

Spacehab missions

Legend: ESP - External Stowage Platform ICC - Integrated Cargo Carrier LDM - Logistics Double Module LSM - Logistics Single Module SM - Single Module RDM - Research Double Module