Asturias F.C.

The Club de Fútbol Asturias is a department of the February 7, 1918 launched by Asturian immigrants at the home of Antonio Martinez Cuétara in Mexico City Centro Asturiano de México AC. The real motivation behind establishing this center was the establishment of a football team that should unite all emigrated Asturian.


The CF Asturias played since the 1919/20 season until its dissolution after the season 1942/43, in the Primera Fuerza, and became the first champion of the 1943/44, introduced professional league in the history of Mexican football one. At the end of the season Asturias had located a par with the Spanish rival España, so a playoff was necessary. This decided Asturias 4-1 clearly in his favor.

In addition, the CF Asturias with eight successes record cup winners of Mexico.

With the introduction of professional football in 1943 Asturianos had with the club's Parque Asturias the modern football temple of Mexico.

Together with the Real Club España and the UD Moctezuma, the association moved its football team back in 1950 due to association disputes from the professional league. In order to continue to participate as an amateur sports club to organized football tournaments throughout the year, the CF Asturias called in cooperation with the Real Club España and the Spanish municipality of Mexico City in 1954, the League Española de Fútbol de México in life.

The name of the club refers to the province located in northwestern Spain and today's autonomous region of Asturias (Spanish Asturias), where the founding fathers of the club came.

The champion teams

Here are all well-known players from the championship three cadres of the CF Asturias are listed in alphabetical order:

  • Season 1922/23: Manuel Aguilar, Santiago Arias, Luis Argüelles, José Ramón Ballina, Francisco J. Bernot, Alberto Caso, Andrés Cobo, " Lico " Cortina, Roberto Lecanda, Aquilino Lopez, Salvador Méndez, Manuel Poncela, Leopoldo Presas, Octavio Rimada, Guillermo Riquier, Oscar Riquier, Enrique Rodríguez. ( Trainer: Gerald Brown)
  • Season 1938/39: Aguirre, Luis Argüelles, Frade, Fernando García " El Gavilán ," José Antonio Hütt, Enrique Larrinaga, Carlos Laviada, " Negro" Leon, Moncada, Julio Munlloch, Efrain Ruiz, Justo Sansebastian, Soto, Joaquín Urquiaga, Villar.
  • Season 1943/44: Roberto Aballay, Ignacio Cabezon, Francisco Fandiño, " Pulques " León, José Menéndez, José Noguera, Pedro Regueiro, Tomás Regueiro, José Antonio Rodríguez, Santiso Suárez; also in the squad: Salvador Arizmendi, Tomás Ordóñez, Ismael Zavaleta. ( Trainer: Ernst Pauler )

Statistical information on the CF Asturias

Founding Date: February 7, 1918 Nickname: Asturianos ( the Asturian ) Club colors: blue and white National Champions: 1923, 1939, 1944 Cup Winners' Cup: 1922, 1923, 1924, 1934, 1937, 1939, 1940, 1941


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