ASV Neumarkt

The ASV Neumarkt is a sports club in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz with divisions for football, bowling, boxing, fist ball, judo, kickboxing, strength training, track, cycling, wheel gymnastics, wrestling, wheelchair sports, swimming, dancing, tennis, table tennis, gymnastics, volleyball, Wrestling and winter sports.

Football history

The first sports club in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz TV was the 1860 Neumarkt, which in 1913 a football game played for the first time. 1922, the foal was expanded today Faber Park to the sports field. In 1929 the football section was launched. From Not the first DM- time, the former four sports clubs Neumarkt ( Germania, ski and tennis club, TV 1860 and the TSV) Neumarkt closed in December 1950 to the General Sports 1860 eV together and played from then on in the district league, but where in 1951 descent into the A-Class. It was only in May 1953 managed to return to the county league. In 1971, there was finally over - the first time they reached the League and Bavaria also heralded the glorious decade of the club to this day, making the club was forced to build a new sports facility. 1974 could be completed the move to the ASV sports center. By 1982, the ASV Neumarkt could hold in the Bavarian league before we had to accept the unpleasant transition in the district league. In May 2000, the club managed to return to the Bavarian league, but you could not hold on and played from relegation in 2002 in the national league middle. After the game class reform 2012 ASV Neumarkt was grouped into the Bayern League North.

Known player

  • Andreas Nägelein ( youth player )
  • Hubert celandine
  • Roland Seitz
  • Günther Weiß
  • Christian Dausel

Known coach

  • Günter Güttler