Asylum (Kiss-Album)


Asylum is the thirteenth studio album by the group Kiss, and the first on which the guitarist Bruce Kulick has played as a member of the group.


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Kiss had since 1982 on several occasions the problem of having to compensate for the departure of their original lead guitarist Ace Frehley: His immediate successor, Vinnie Vincent, was fired on March 17, 1984 because it is difficult to fit right in with the group and the requirements of Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons reluctantly or not followed. The album was recorded with Animalize Mark St. John on guitar, who fell ill during rehearsals for the following tour in Reiter's Disease. Bruce Kulick helped out and played during all concerts of the European tour in place of St. Johns. On the following U.S. tour succeeded St. John, two concerts fully to be completed before he had to do without again. He was released on December 7, 1984. The unforeseeable development of his disease was, ultimately, the decision to take this step. Bruce Kulick was on 8 December 1984 officially guitarist of the band and ended with her ​​Animalize tour, which ran until 29 March 1985.

Animalize had brought back the success of Kiss: The album reached the Top 20 on the Billboard 200, the single Heaven 's On Fire was successful on the radio and ran on MTV, the cast with Bruce Kulick had stabilized, and the audience numbers were compared to the Lick It Up tour grew by 20%.

Simmons and Stanley took over the task of producing the album. As with the previous album outsiders songwriters were brought back, including Desmond Child, who had the hit I Was Made for Lovin 'You wrote with Paul Stanley and also worked at Heaven 's On Fire.

Paul Stanley, it was he who worked on the cover: He ordered the band members to colors with his Simmons and color of the respective background color of her 1978 solo albums corresponded; Simmons lips were red, violet Stanley. Kulicks lips were a shade of blue (corresponding to Frehley 's solo album background) got, drummer Eric Carr, analogous to Peter Criss, associated with the color green.

Simmons wrote Any Way You Slice It with Howard Rice, for Patti LaBelle New Attitude wrote the title later. Love's a Deadly Weapon is a title that was created in 1980 in the songwriting for the follow-up to Unmasked in the studio of Ace Frehley and was in favor of the title for Music from the Elder discarded.

Asylum was released on 16 September 1985; as a single Tears Are Falling was released, it reached number 51 on the Billboard Hot 100 Moreover, a video clip for the single was released, with two other songs video clips were filmed: Who Wants To Be Lonely and Uh! All Night.

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The tour to Asylum began on 29 November 1985 in Little Rock (Arkansas ) and ended after 91 shows on April 12, 1986 in Pittsburgh ( Pennsylvania). Overall, the group used three different design stages, the first of which was used only for eight concerts. The stage surface was made ​​of plastic in order to let light shine through from below can thus she was also smooth and therefore had to be replaced soon. At this stage also included a twelve -meter-high illuminated Kiss logo that needed its own generator, a three-piece black lifting device for the drums ( drum riser ) and four steep, lightning-shaped stairs.

On 11 December 1985, the second stage variant in Richmond (Ohio ) was used for the first time: The huge logo remained, as did the stairs, but the drum riser by Eric Carr was now silver and was placed between the ramps already in the Animalize tour had been used.

The third stage had its premiere finally on February 2, 1986 in Tucson (Arizona ): Left and right of the percussion amplifier walls had been erected, which were rounded on the outer side towards the audience. The stairs were no longer used, nor the ramps so that the group at the same time saved money with the unspektakuläreren stage setup, because fewer trucks were needed to transport.