At Last the 1948 Show

  • Tim Brooke- Taylor
  • Marty Feldman
  • Aimi MacDonald
  • Graham Chapman
  • John Cleese

At Last the 1948 Show ( in German about: Finally the series of 1948) was in the 1960s, a satirical television series of the British television channel ITV The series is next to Do Not Adjust Your Set one of the two direct precursor of the television series Monty Python's Flying Circus. It was in 1967 produced by Paradine Productions, a company of David Frost, in collaboration with Rediffusion London.

In the program were Tim Brooke- Taylor, Marty Feldman, Aimi MacDonald and the later Monty Python members Graham Chapman and John Cleese on. Cleese and Brooke- Taylor were also responsible for the content. The director was Ian Fordyce. The series was filmed in black and white and consisted of 13 episodes.


The British TV producers David Frost asked Cleese, Chapman and Brooke- Taylor participate in a sketch television series. These suggested as an additional member Marty Feldman, who was a comedy writer until then. The series was the forerunner of the radio series I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again and television series Monty Python's Flying Circus and The Goodies. In the series continues to Marty Feldman's television series followed ( in collaboration with Tim Brooke- Taylor). The concept of comic scenes to mix with interspersed songs was discarded at the successors.

There is no direct correlation between the series and the year 1948. The title of the series alludes to the fact that the BBC at this time broadcasts for months held back before they were finally aired. The team also recorded a long-playing record with skits from the show and published a book with some sketches.

Some of the sketches were of Monty Python in the two produced for German television special episodes ( Monty Python's Flying Circus ) and revived in stage performances. Among other things, the Four Yorkshiremen sketch, which was part of her stage show Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl. The Bookshop Sketch is included in a modified form on Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album.

The series has been added to today's Fountain Studios in London's Wembley.

Footage with John Cleese and Tim Brooke- Taylor from At Last the 1948 Show was in the documentation Monty Python: Almost the Truth shown (The Lawyers Cut).

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