ATA 100

ATA chapter (English ATA Chapter) are a system for each system of an aircraft. In this case, all the technical facilities of the aircraft are divided into appropriate groups and sub- groups, such as the tanks belong to Chapter 28-10: Group 28 Fuel system, subgroup 10 storage.

This system can be found on each aircraft that is certified to FAR 25 and EASA CS-25. This means that any civilian aircraft that. Designed for passenger and / or freight transport and over 5.6 t max Has take-off mass, is certified according to these regulations.

The ATA chapter is often part of the part numbers. This allows the maintenance personnel, logistics personnel or even the designers supplies and a uniform work and easy identification of the aircraft systems.

The acronym ATA stands for Air Transport Association.

ATA Chapter

The ATA chapters are generally be divided into five main groups:

  • Introduction ( Introduction)
  • Airframe ( Airframe )
  • Aircraft structure ( Structures )
  • Drive ( Engines)
  • Misc (Miscellaneous )

ATA chapter in the aircraft maintenance

In the aircraft maintenance as well as in aircraft and component manufacturing all manufacturers, maintenance and repair manuals in the so-called " ATA 100 Breakdown" are divided.

Affected manuals are for example:

  • AMM ( Aircraft Maintenance Manual)
  • IPC ( Illustrated Parts Catalog )
  • ASM ( Aircraft Schematic Manual )
  • SRM ( Structure Repair Manual )
  • AWM ( Aircraft Wiring Manual)
  • CMM ( Components Maintenance Manual )
  • TEM ( Illustrated Tool and Equipment )
  • TSM ( Troubleshooting Manual (Airbus) )
  • FIM ( Fault Isolation Manual ( Boeing) )

Here, the numbering system is divided into three categories

An ATA number is broken down as follows for example 21-80-03

  • ATA Chapter 21
  • Section Number 8
  • Subsectionnumber 0
  • Subject Number 03

In addition, there is the so-called " Page Block Numbering ". According to the numbering system is still a page number is appended, which describes the activities to be carried out exactly.

This is divided into the following pages, regardless of the actual existing pages: