The Ata Tower is a 125 meter high tower with a revolving restaurant in the Turkish capital Ankara. The Ata Tower was completed in 1989 as an observation tower and a new landmark of the city. In addition to the observation deck and the restaurant are still a game room, a Burger King, a Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut restaurant and a shopping mall in the Ata Tower. It is located about 4 kilometers south of the Kızılay Square, the city center of Ankara.

Currently ( September 2012 ), only the viewing platform is in operation. The shopping center has had to close due to expiring leases. New negotiations are under way, including through a new building of the Centre is currently being negotiated.

Since 12 June 2011, the Ata Tower is equipped with an LED lighting system. More than 10,000 individually via DMX controllable pixels provide every hour for different color scenarios and shows.

Pictures of Atakule