Atari Flashback

In 2004, Atari with the Atari Flashback a console on the market, which was based on the Atari 7800 and the Atari 2600. It is a game console without module bay in the 20 pre-loaded games are available on an internal memory. The console should again rise to the cult status of a generation and was meant only for the Asian market. The device, however, came next to North America to Europe ( only for the French market ) and, ultimately, in a revised version by Germany.

Since the console is not original hardware included (ironically tinkers inside the console NES -on-a -chip) had the games to be reprogrammed (Remake). This led to some gross errors in some games and was therefore unsatisfactory for the still large fan base. Atari presented, therefore, a short time later in the U.S., the console Atari Flashback 2 (2005), which contained almost 100% compatible hardware. This was followed by Atari Flashback 2 ( 2010), Atari Flashback 3 (2011) and Atari Flashback 4 (2012 ).


Atari Interactive Inc. marketed in Europe Atari Europe SAS, the Atari Flashback. The console was sold in Germany in the original French packaging, with only an additional cardboard sleeve including game instructions was settled. The French game manual has not been removed in the German version.


Power supply: 9 V DC via the AC adapter

Dimensions: 11.43 cm (L ) 5.08 cm ( B) 7.62 cm ( H)

The console has a power button and a reset button and 2 connectors (Controller )


  • Console Atari Flashback
  • 2 Controller (Atari 7800 controller with 2 additional menu buttons)
  • AC adapter
  • AV cable ( mono sound only )
  • Scart / AV Adapter
  • Instructions ( German French )


It appears after connecting a main menu with an animated Atari 7800 console is displayed on the screen. Left and right of piling up ever 10 original Atari games. Each of these 20 Atari games can be selected by joystick, each module is a game that is shown on the console. An additional feature is the console itself: Navigates you to this, you get an overview of the history of the Atari 7800 console.

Available Games


The graph corresponds only very rudimentary the original games, because the games were simply reprogrammed.


The Atari Flashback was sold in Europe for 39,95 €.

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