ATC is an abbreviation for:

  • Acute Toxic Class, a method for the testing of substances for their toxicity
  • Agreement on Textiles and Clothing, Orders of economic and trade ministers of WTO member states, see Doha Round # Central Negotiating problems
  • Air Traffic Control, see Air Traffic Control
  • Air Training Command, the predecessor of the Air Education and Training Command, one of nine major commands of the U.S. Air Force
  • All- terrain (motor ) motorcycle ( dirt bike ), on the basis of All terrain vehicle, Quad see # History
  • Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical classification system for the classification of drugs
  • Ancillary terrestrial components, see pseudolite
  • Andritz Technologies Ltd.. in China, see Andritz AG
  • Arthur 's Town Airport, airfield in Arthur 's Town, Cat Iceland, Bahamas after the IATA code
  • ATC (band), A Touch of Class, a former Euro Dance / Pop band from Germany
  • ATC ( belay device ), belay device for climbing
  • Australian Tourism Commission, the Australian tourism authority
  • Automatic Train Control and Train Control System, is a set of different train control systems
  • Automatic Tube Compensation, see Automatic tube compensation, a ventilation option
  • Automotive Testing Center of RWTH Aachen, see automotive test center Siersdorf

AT / C is an abbreviation for:

  • Single customs declaration, customs clearance document type for an EZA ( single customs declaration ) is required for customs clearance to offload the goods, customs clearance # see Document Types
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