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The ATEbank, (Greek Agricultural Bank of Greece Αγροτική Τράπεζα Ελλάδος ) originally comparable to a Raiffeisen Bank, is a privately owned bank founded in 1929 with headquarters in Athens, Greece.

The bank lending was reserved in the 19th century in Greece only merchants. The National Bank of Greece awarded sometime also loans to farmers, but only explicitly as a temporary to start with the recommendation for these purposes, a cooperative bank. Finally, the ATEbank was founded in 1929, initially as a non-profit organization to provide the primary sector with loans. The first director was Alexandros Koryzis.

Followed in 1990, the expansion of the activities of the ATE Bank through the primary sector, and from 2000 was traded on the Athens Stock Exchange .. In the wake of the financial crisis, the Bank had to make large write-offs, large parts of the bank were taken over in 2012 by the Piraeus Bank, so far is the ATEbank continued as a trademark.

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