Athboy ( Irish: Baile Átha Bui; German: "settlement of the yellow ford " ) is a small agricultural town in County Meath in the east-central Republic of Ireland, which evolved from a medieval walled fortress Pale times.

Location and Transport

Athboy is located on the Yellow Ford River ( also Athboy River ) in the west of County Meath, near the border with County Westmeath. With Navan, the nearest major city, the place is connected by the National Road N51; Mullingar on the N4 is about 30 km to the southwest. The N51 meets in Athboy with the regional road R154. On the rail transport in Ireland, the place is no longer connected since 1954.


The inhabitants of Athboy was determined during Census 2011 2,522 people. The city experienced since the mid- 1990s, an unusually high population growth; compared to 1991 (1083 persons), the population has more than doubled to 2011.