ATI Avivo

As AMD Avivo called an introduced with the Radeon X1300 video platform for the multimedia capabilities of ATI graphics cards to improve (quality and flexibility). The development is being marketed under the name Avivo HD.


In contrast to the successor Avivo does not need a separate video processor. With Avivo the possibility of video acceleration on the pixel shader units of the respective GPUs is given. Avivo enables the hardware-accelerated decoding of video material, such as H.264 ( with high- definition resolutions ) or MPEG4. Also hardware accelerated encode is possible using the Windows XP operating system and the ATI Radeon X1 series. In addition, there are some tools to enable the use of this platform, the most famous of which is Avivo XCode.

Avivo HD

An extended Avivo system that requires a Unified Video Decoder (UVD ) is called Avivo HD. A major exception to this is the Radeon HD 2900 graphics cards, although they claim the new Avivo HD logo for themselves, but have no UVD. The acceleration takes place for these cards on the stream processors. Field tests have shown that the acceleration performance is about the same level of Avivo cards of the Radeon X1 series.