The acronym ATO stands for:

  • Abort to orbit, a Space Shuttle abort mode during ascent
  • According To Our Records, a sub- record label RCA Records.
  • African Timber Organization, an international organization for the protection of African forests, based in Libreville, Gabon.
  • Air Tasking Order, schedule of air operations; is usually created by an Air Force headquarters and serves the assumed air forces to plan your own inserts as part of larger operations.
  • Allied Travel Office, a former authority in Berlin
  • Alternative Trade Organization, alternative trading organization that usually is committed to fair trade and in Germany by the world 's governing body shop ( WLDV ) is evaluated in the so-called ATO TÜV.
  • Assemble To Order, a production strategy in order point between production and assembly is included; based on the customer-specific configuration is to order CTO ( Configure To Order ) made ​​- for example in the automotive industry.
  • Associatie technology Overdracht, the Dutch Society for Technologiertransfer
  • Automatic Train Operation, an inserted since 1969 System of the London Underground, which makes it possible to let go of a train by pressing a button automatically to the next station.
  • Automotive Technology Organization, a registered trademark for electrical spade fuses in motor vehicles
  • Antimony - tin oxide

AT / O stands for:

Ato stands for:

  • Abeto Hun, title at the court of Negus Nagast, the Ethiopian emperor.
  • A village in East Timor, see Abani ( Passabe )
  • An Akan name for men born on Saturday

Ato is the name of:

  • Ato Muchamedschanow, (1940 - 2002), Tajik actor
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