ATP Buenos Aires

The ATP Tournament of Buenos Aires ( officially: Copa Claro ) is a year in Buenos Aires, Argentina material discharged tennis tournament of the ATP, which will be held at the ATP World Tour since 1993; currently one of the tournament for the ATP World Tour 250 venue is the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club. The tournament is part of the so-called Golden Swings, a series of clay court tournaments in Latin America, which take place at the beginning of the season (besides Buenos Aires nor the tournaments in Viña del Mar, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro until 2013 Acapulco).

With three victories are David Ferrer and Carlos Moyá record title holder of the tournament, in a double keeps Sebastián Prieto, also with three titles the record.

Before today's Annual Tournament a tennis tournament in Buenos Aires was held back in the 70s and 80s, which was also played on sand. Record winner of this tournament with eight titles Guillermo Vilas, of the tournament 1973-1977 six times in a row ( In 1977, it held twice ) and 1979 and 1982 won two more times.

The tournament will be held today in February and lasts a week. It is played on sand at least 567 760 U.S. $ prize money, of which the winner will receive U.S. $ 84 060. Tournament director is Martin Jaite.

List of winners