Atqasuk, Alaska

North Slope Borough


Atqasuk is a city in North Slope Borough in the state of Alaska in the United States.


Atqasuk is located on the Meade River. In the area there is an arctic climate with temperatures below freezing, 300 days of the year. 60 miles north of Atqasuk is the town of Barrow, the administrative seat of the North Slope boroughs.


The area around Atqasuk was settled by the tribe of the Inupiat Eskimo hunting and fishing. During the Second World War, coal was mined and shipped to Barrow, where it was consumed by the government and private institutions in Atqasuk. In the area there were 1951 to 1957 a post office under the name of Meade River. 1970 lived in Atqasuk no longer men, but the community was established in 1977 mainly revived by former residents of Barrow. In 1982, the town was incorporated as a city.

Economy and infrastructure

In the city there is a school and a hospital, the Atqasuk Health Clinic, which ensures primary medical care. The school and other public institutions are the most full-time jobs available. Caribou, geese, ptarmigan, polar bears, seals, walruses and whales are caught and traded. To supplement their income, capture and act the inhabitants with skins. Air transport provides only year- round access to the remote area. The North Slope Borough owns and operates the Atqasuk airport. Cat Trains are sometimes used in the winter months for transporting goods overland from Barrow. For local transport skiffs, umiaks and snowmobiles are used.


At the time of the census in 2000 ( U.S. Census 2000) had Atqasuk 228 inhabitants on a land area of ​​100.7 km ². The median age was 26.3 years ( national U.S. average: 35.3 years ). The per capita income ( per capita income engl. ) amounted to U.S. $ 14,732 ( U.S. National Average: U.S. $ 21,587 ). 15.6 % of residents were with their income below the poverty line ( national U.S. average: 12.4 %). 94.3 % of the inhabitants are of indigenous origin living in the nationally recognized Indian reservation Atqasuk Village. The Inupiat Eskimos preserve their ancient traditions. So the trade, possession and consumption of alcohol in the reserve is not allowed.