Aubach (bei Schwerin)

Aubachtal between Kirch piece and Schwerin

The Aubach ( in the upper reaches also Seegraben ) is a river in northwest Mecklenburg -Vorpommern and the little springs Dambecker lake in a nature reserve Dambecker lakes about 12 kilometers south of Wismar. Around 1870 they started in this area with the inland drainage. The two Dambecker lakes were connected by a ditch and passed the water through a port in the Aubach. On his way forward towards the south of the creek flows through the Trebbower lake, the lake and the Barner Stücker the Aubach pours after passing the Aubachtals with some adjacent wetlands, at high water levels, the lake Medeweger. In the city of Schwerin, the Aubach empties into the artificially dammed pond Pfaff. This flows from over brick - and Heidensee in Lake Schwerin.

The total length of Aubachs is 24 km, the catchment area of ​​120 km ². Above the lake, the waters on Medeweger mainly by pollution from agriculture generally have high nutrient concentrations and low oxygen saturation levels. Better quality values ​​are regularly found only below the Medeweger lake because the lakes through which absorb the nutrients.

Prior to the confluence with the Pfaff pond there was the run up to 1914 Bischofsmühle whose remains were demolished in the 1930s and the only foundation remains can be seen today. Also before the confluence, near the Mayor's bathing place, is to see Schwerin oldest preserved and now functionless bridge structure from 1773. It is in a need of modernization condition. The Pfaff as a pond (formerly Mill Pond) pent Aubach also served for the operation of the count's mill on the south bank.

Aubachbrücke from 1773

Mouth of the Aubachs in the Pfaff pond