Aube (river)

The Aube at Bar-sur -Aube

The Aube is a river in France. Your source is located on the plateau of Langres, east of Praslay, at an altitude of 390 meters. You drained generally northwest and flows after 248 km at Marcilly -sur -Seine as a right tributary of the Seine. After the river and the French Aube is named. It flows through the Regional Natural Park of the Orient Forest.

By Crossed departments

In the Burgundy region:

  • Côte- d'Or

In the region of Champagne- Ardenne:

  • Haute -Marne
  • Aube
  • Marne

Places on the river

  • Auberive
  • Montigny -sur -Aube
  • Laferté -sur -Aube
  • Bar-sur -Aube
  • Brienne- le -Château
  • Arcis- sur -Aube
  • Plancy Abbaye
  • Anglure


In the Regional Natural Park of the Orient Forest two lakes artificially created, which serve as reservoirs for the Aube, avoid in severe water management a flood of Paris, to form a buffer to maintain the navigation at low water levels. You are connected to the inlet and outlet channels of the river. They are:

  • Lac d' Auzon -Temple (surface area: 20 km ², volume: 148 million m³, start: 1990 )
  • Lac Amance ( Area: 5 sq km, volume: 22 million m³, start: 1990 )

Pictures of Aube (river)