AubieSat -1 is an American technology test satellite with CubeSat architecture. Main purpose was to test two different solar cell envelopes and their aging in space over time. To the battery data acquired over a long time and analyzed to investigate the behavior of batteries and solar cells in space conditions, and to draw conclusions on the structure of other satellites. It was built by students at Auburn University.

The satellite was launched 28 October 2011 as a secondary payload on a Delta II rocket at Vandenberg Air Force Base. As the satellite in amateur radio frequency range communicated, received after the successful launch of the satellite in addition the OSCAR number 71 assigned.

After the start, first revealed communication problems, since apparently one of the antennas of the satellite was not deployed. The problem could be overcome by the use of a more powerful transmitter in the base station. Aubiesat -1 sent several months measurements of the solar cell voltage.

The satellite sent under the amateur radio callsign on the frequency 437.475 MHz KI4NQO telemetry data in Morse code. His COSPAR designation 2011- 061E.