Auburn (Maine)

Androscoggin County


Auburn is a city in the U.S. state of Maine in the United States of America. It is the county seat of Androscoggin County.

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The Auburn was founded in 1786 on the right bank of the Androscoggin River, opposite the settlement Lewiston. The two settlements have been associated from the beginning to a great extent with each other, so that one speaks of the "twin cities" of Maine. As an independent municipality Auburn was recognized in 1842, the city was raised in 1868 after the country some surrounding communities had been incorporated in Auburn's city area.

Until the mid-19th century lived in Auburn, like most places in Maine, from its timber mills. Here were also very early French settlers as a shoemaker down, which were very successful. When she founded in 1835 the first shoe factory in the USA in the city, Auburn, however, quickly became the center of the shoe industry. Even today, the town lives primarily on their production of shoes.

Culture and sights


  • Knight House Museum ( 1796) - The oldest half-timbered house in the village. In it, a shoemaker shop with a means of is obtained prior to 1835.

Economy and infrastructure


Auburn and Lewiston are connected via Interstate 95 and a rail line with the centers of Augusta in the north and south of Biddeford and Boston in Massachusetts.


The city is the "Sun Journal", powered by a appearing in the twin cities Lewison daily newspaper, with a local newspaper.


In Auburn, the entire American school spectrum is represented, from elementary schools to various high schools and colleges, to a branch of the University of Maine.

Since 2011, Auburn becomes the first city in the U.S. iPads widely used as teaching materials in elementary schools.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Tony Atlas, wrestlers
  • Lenny Breau, jazz guitarist
  • Robert Luce, U.S. Congressman
  • Elmer Drew Merrill, botanist
  • Julie Parisien (born 1971 ), Alpine skier, participant in the 1992 Winter Olympic Games
  • Olympia Snowe, U.S. Senator and Congressman