auch (Album)


  • Guitar, vocals, bass: Farin Urlaub
  • Drums, Vocals: Bela B.
  • Bass, vocals, guitar, keyboard: Rodrigo González

In addition:

  • Accompanying Vocals: Ina Paule Klink (title: bed Magnet)

Also is the twelfth regular studio album by the German rock band Die Ärzte, which was released on 13 April 2012.


After the doctors in 2007 in the production of the album Jazz had worked differently without their longtime producer Uwe Hoffmann, the new songs with the Team Tonic, consisting of Mirko Schaffer, Oliver Zülch and Philipp Hoppen were taken. In addition, they parted from Thomas " Schwarwel " Meitsch, who had designed the graphical contents for all releases of the band since 1993. New Graphic is the Hamburg Felix Schlüter, the album design touches and responsible for the new merchandising features. In advance of a video was added to each title of the album rotated showing the band playing, and also each an animated video was commissioned. Overall, 32 videos were to the album. As a first single in EP- length was released on March 2, 2012, the title zeiDverschwÄndung. On April 3, followed on the YouTube channel of the tape of the song son of emptiness including video.

Packaging and contents

The packaging is designed in the style of a parlor game. The booklet of the CD can be folded and used as a playing field. As pawns are of three bottle caps. As a hub in the game, this CD serves.

Title list

Single - ZeiDverschwÄndung

Single - m f

Single - Is that still punk rock?

Single - walk in the woods with consequences / son of emptiness