Auchel is a French town with 10,993 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the Pas -de- Calais, in the Nord -Pas -de -Calais. It is located in the canton in the arrondissement of Béthune Auchel and is a member of the Communauté d' agglomération de l' Artois.


The North Sea coast is from Auchel both in Western and in a northerly direction 60 km. Northeast 32 km away passes the Belgian border. The E 15 motorway from Calais to Arras runs north at 5 km.


In 1851, coal deposits were discovered in Auchel whose exploitation were associated with a rapid increase in population. In 1950, the city had about 15,000 inhabitants. Following the decline of coal mining in the 1960s, the population declined again, despite efforts to create an economic compensation for includes omitted jobs in the city.


Mayor since 2001, Richard Jarrett. He was re-elected in 2008 for a further term until 2014.


In Auchel there is a mining museum and a museum established in 2002, racing pigeons, which is engaged in the hobby of many miners. The church of Saint -Martin dates from the 15th century. The town hall is located in a building from the 16th century, which was previously the administrative building of a Mädchenpensionats.

Twin Cities

From 1966 to 1974, Auchel twin city of the former city Letmathe (Sauerland ) and, since 1975, following the merger of the towns and Iserlohn Letmathe to a new city Iserlohn, sister city of Iserlohn. Auchel is also a partner city in the English town of West Malling, which lies in the county of Kent.

Sons and daughters of the town

Auchel is the birthplace of