Audoin (bishop)

Ouen, Owen or Dadon, latin Audoenus, (c. 609 in Sancy -les- Cheminots at Soissons; † August 24 684 in Clichy near Paris ) was a Frankish saint and bishop of Rouen.

An encounter with Columbanus of Luxeuil coined the young Ouen, who was sent by his parents to the court of the Merovingian king Clotaire II in order to complete his education and to prepare for the acquisition of a Hofamtes. Dagobert I, entrusted him with the state seal. He was close friends with St. Eligius ( Saint Eloi, † 659 ), whose biography he wrote.

Only at the age of 30 he became a monk, but was already a year later (640 ) appointed Bishop of Rouen. He was instrumental in the founding of the Abbey Fontenelle involved (later to Abbey of Saint - wall groove renamed) and Jumièges and undertook in his old age, a pilgrimage to Rome.

At his place of death of Saint- Ouen was born. His body was brought to Rouen, where he was buried in the church that bears his name today.

In Normandy him numerous churches were dedicated. About 50 villages in France bear his name.

His feast day is August 24. He is called as a helper to deafness and the thunder.