Audomarus (also Odemaars or Omer; karolingisch also Otmarus ) (* 600, † probably 670 ) was the Frankish kingdom of the 7th century bishop of Tervanna and was later canonized under the name Saint Omer.

For the origin Audomars the then Burgundy is assumed. Together with his father he has entered, founded by the Irish monk Columbanus monastery Luxovium early 7th century, one of the leading monasteries of the time. The Merovingian king Dagobert I became aware of him and appointed him Bishop of Tervanna.

There was the middle of the 7th century at his instigation of the monks also coming from Luxovium Bertinus, Mummolinus and Bertramnus the monastery of St. Peter on the hill Sithiu, founded the Abbey of Saint - Bertin later. Around the monastery a place that got its name St. Audomar, today's Saint- Omer was born in the Pas -de -Calais. In the cathedral of Saint- Omer is his cenotaph.

The Roman Catholic Church of St. Audomar in Frechen in the Rhineland is dedicated to the saint.