The EYE is a general Computer Club in Germany. The EYE eV was founded in 1979 as " Apple User Group Europe " ( EYE ), making it probably the oldest regional, private and independent Computer Club in Germany. Some members are also found in Switzerland, Austria and other countries. Today, users of all computer types are represented in the association.

Goals and Target Group

The EYE eV is a non-profit association of computer users. In the club, especially the ideas and experiences on the subject of computer applications are encouraged. Therefore, the association establishes a target group of people of all ages who are professionally (and private) are interested in the computer or need to have and it would like to be in personal contact with other computer users, rather than always having to sit alone in front of the device.


The EYE eV is the one in Regional Groups (RG) organized, oriented to the former German postal codes. Thus, there are currently (as of April 2013) a RG500 (Cologne), a RG600 (Frankfurt - Rhein / Main), a RG700 (Stuttgart ), a RG735 ( Alb ), a RG800 (Munich) and a RG978 ( Franconia ). The members of these RGs meet generally on a monthly basis so-called regional meetings. On the other hand, there is a national structure that is defined by the website and other publications of the Association. The official publication of the Association is " USER Magazine ". The association elects annually a full Board with 5 members currently, an enlarged Bureau, which is supplemented by a further 5 members, and a court of honor. Regional at least a regional director is elected once a year, and there may be other functions such as " Press Officer " award.


Regional are the RG- meeting the most important aspect, which are supplemented in some RGs still for more, also usually held monthly " Stammtisch " meetings. Nationwide takes place once a year on the occasion of the General Assembly ( MV), a public "USER Conference" (UK) instead, which is under a particular topic. MV and UK will always possible place in other RGs. Nationally, the club has a presence at trade shows such as the hobbyist electronics in Stuttgart and other events. The club meetings are open to the public in general. If possible, place on such RG- meeting, a lecture or a demonstration held to but always a question hour.


The eye eV is one of the oldest computer clubs from the early days of computing is. The foundation with 13 people was on 28 April 1979 and was registered on 1 April 1980 as " Apple User Group Europe " in the Register of Dusseldorf. In October 1979, a zero number for a members' magazine Apple Com - mail was released. The first "Board" and a member of No. 1 was Wolfgang Dederichs. This was also at the foundation of the Federation of Apple User Groups IAC (International Apple Core) in March 1981 in San Francisco been there and had held the office of the Director for Europe held. A Roster of 15 September 1981 has been from 999 members. The exchange of information was limited to Apple computers. Popular was the Apple] [, from the 1977 to 1993 more than two million were built. Due to the rapid development of other operating systems and home computers, the eye eV opened in 1987, once for all common PC by Atari, Amiga, Commodore, IBM PC to Sinclair. Nevertheless played the series of Apple II computer (in their variants / / e, / / c and the successor / / GS always), a major role in the team, especially since they were expanded and not only that early CP / M but later also the more and more spreading MS- DOS was able to run on them by installation of special cards. In later times, the association was subdivided into departments to the operating systems and MacOS MS- DOS, which also partially led to spin-offs. In 2002, the club had 500 members EYE. Within the association, these departments were given the name of "working communities " ( AG). Later, the different operating systems play in and of itself no more influential role in the club because the members increasingly - either for business or pleasure - with several of them employed. Today in the EYE of play eV mainly three lines a role: Windows PCs with the current systems Windows 8 and Windows 7, Apple operating systems such as Apple iOS or OS X and many Linux distributions such as Ubuntu or SUSE with their derivatives as Android ( operating system).