Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle

The Advanced Satellite Launch Vehicle ( ASLV ) is the second launch vehicle, the SLV by the Indian Space Research Organisation ( ISRO ). The goal was a greater payload of 150 kg, four times the SLV to convey in a 400 km high orbit. In contrast to the first stage is advanced SLV two boosters, derived from the first stage. The first stage to the second stage was, it was ignited after the burning of the booster. The empty weight of the upper levels were lowered. The first launch took place on March 24, 1987, but was not successful. It was not until the fourth and last start on 4 May 1994 ASLV was successful.

Start list

This is a complete start list of the Advanced Satellite Launch Vehicle. State of the list: May 30, 2006

¹ Gross Weight = ( Satellite adapter, case, etc.)

² NOT necessarily the target orbit of the payload - but the path on which the payload from the upper stage to be exposed.

Pictures of Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle