Augsburger Allgemeine

The Augsburger Allgemeine, formerly Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung, one of Bavaria's largest subscription newspapers.

It belongs to the media group, hot press under the leadership of the resident in Augsburg Press printing and publishing GmbH. Together with their local editions they reached a paid circulation of 221 ​​690 copies. In conjunction with the Local newspaper paid circulation is 322,592 copies. The main distribution area of the Augsburger Allgemeine, the Bavarian Swabia and the adjacent parts of Upper Bavaria. 2007/2008 was the newspaper the largest Bavarian subscription newspaper.

Important editors were Curt Frenzel and Günter Holland. Editor in chief since December 6, 2011 Walter Roller. It is the successor of Markus Günther, who had led the editors November 2009. Previously, Rainer Bonhorst 1994-2009 editor of the newspaper. Rollers deputies are Jürgen Marks and Gerd Horse Ling.


A precursor of the Augsburger Allgemeine was founded by Johann Friedrich Cotta in Tübingen in 1798 Allgemeine Zeitung.

She appeared from 1807 to 1882 in Augsburg, where it was this time one of the major German-language daily newspapers. For example, published the archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann 's excavations in the Turkish Hissarlik ( Troy) in the Allgemeine Zeitung and in the London Times. Heinrich Heine also worked from 1832 as Paris correspondent for the newspaper and Richard Wagner there published some articles and obituaries.

Since 1882 the Allgemeine Zeitung was moved to Munich, the latest edition under this title appeared there on March 1, 1925.

After the Second World War, the 12th U.S. Army Group was initially July 13, 1945 to October 23, 1945 the Augsburg Gazette out. He was then handed over to German publishers and published from 30 October 1945 as the Swabian country newspaper, from 1 November 1959 as the Augsburger Allgemeine.


In the central editorial office in Augsburg create around 60 editors and editors from Sunday to Friday the shell portion of the Augsburger Allgemeine, and their home expenses. In addition, here the cross-regional part of the Allgäu newspaper is produced. A constant exchange of articles is done with the Main Post Office and the Southern Mail. Divides the editorial is in the departments of politics, economy, Bavaria and World Culture and Journal, as well as sports. Also in the Augsburg Zentralredaktion the online editorial team has its headquarters, the daily newspaper production is coordinated at the newsdesk, cross-media link via also sitting at the newsdesk online editors.

Support development

The Augsburger Allgemeine well as most German newspapers lost in recent years to support. Paid circulation has declined by 11.9 percent since 1998. The proportion of subscriptions on paid circulation is more than 90 percent.

Development of sold copies

Online presence

Since 2001, the Augsburger Allgemeine operates an editorially supervised website. It replaced an automated since 1997 operated Internet site. In the online editorial in Augsburg working today (as of January 2014) six salaried editors as well as a search engine optimizer. These are supported by volunteers who spend part of their cross-media training at the Augsburger Allgemeine one to two months in the online editing, as well as interns and freelancers.

The editors researched, wrote and published daily in the period 6-0 Clock messages, comments, multimedia services, such as images and online videos, as well as interactive services such as voting, knowledge tests and live blogs. One focus of reporting is on local and regional content. The online editorial team works closely with the 16 local offices of the Augsburger Allgemeine. These provide the website on the day live, local news as well as cross-media packages. Pure newspaper content on the release date of the newspaper also provided online, previously processed online justice in many cases by the editors.

To the online presence of the Augsburger Allgemeine includes a supervised by community managers Internet forum with approximately 27,500 members (as of October 2013), a gastronomy part, reader and editorial blog, a presence on Facebook, with around 30,000 members (as of January 2014 ), a presence on Google , a YouTube channel and a Twitter feed with 6,000 followers, which are operated by the online newsroom. In addition, all 16 local offices of the Augsburger Allgemeine each have their own Facebook pages.

In mid-February 2011, the website of the Augsburger Allgemeine been revised technically, functionally and graphically. Since then, the portal to the online CMS Escenic is operated.

Since December 2013, the access to the contents of Augsburg - is subject to charge. In its paywall, the publisher relies on the so-called metered model: users can access free articles per month ten, after a free registration may be made monthly up to 20 items to be read. If you want to use the portal even more intense, taking a day access or a subscription needs to complete.

In the spread of the AGOF ranking of the German news portals Augsburg - was in January 2012 at number 17 Accordingly, the recorded online presentation 1.8 million unique users in January 2012.

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