August Everding

August Everding ( born October 31, 1928 in Bottrop, † January 26, 1999 in Munich) was a German film director, managers, politicians and culture director.


Ever thing was premature births by 1928 as the son of a Catholic provost organist in Bottrop to the world. He studied in Bonn, where he joined the K.St.V. Arminia in KV joined, and in Munich philosophy, German studies, theology and theater studies. Here he became a member of the KV K.St.V. connection Ottonia Munich. At the Munich Chamber games he worked from 1953 as assistant director. In 1955 he became a director, senior director in 1959, 1960 and 1963 Acting Director Director of the House. In 1973 he became artistic director of the Hamburg State Opera, 1977 to the Bavarian State Opera in Munich. At the same time, he taught as a professor at the conservatories in Hamburg (1973-1977) and Munich. 1982 became Ever thing for Intendant General of the Bavarian State Theater. In this position he held until 1993, he called the Bavarian State Ballet and the Bavarian Theatre Days. From 1993 he held the title of state director. As President of the German Stage Association ( DBV) organized Ever thing from 1989, the integration of the former GDR theater and orchestra in the overall German theater system. In numerous committees, he fought against funding cuts and theater closures. Another significant coup was in 1993 with the founding of the Bavarian Theatre Academy, which he presided as president.

His Munich probably greatest merit he earned by his initiative for the renovation and reopening of the Prince Regent Theatre in 1988 (so-called Small solution without main stage ), which finally led to the complete renovation (including main stage ) on 10 November 1996. August Ever thing was one of the cultural and politically influential theater personalities of the 20th century and as a workaholic. He had in Munich theater circles (not loved by him ) nicknamed "Clever thing" and "Everything", which are of course. In the media he campaigned as an accomplished speaker and discussion partner for the cause of culture (" No luxury, but a necessity !") And attained a high level of awareness. A cancer which overshadowed his final years, he kept secret from the public. A few days before his death he appeared at a panel discussion in the garden room of the Prince Regent Theatre. He was buried in his adopted hometown Truchtlaching in Chiemgau.

Since 1963 Ever thing was with the doctor Dr. Gustav of bird that is committed to the hospice movement, married. Of their four sons were born: Christopher, Cornelius, John and Marcus Ever thing. 1978-1997 he lived in a service apartment at the Castle Green Forest, after which he lived in Munich- Schwabing.

Act as a director

August Everding began his career as a theater director. He was influenced by the collaboration with Hans Schweikart and Fritz Kortner. Later he worked at the international level, especially in the field of opera. He staged at the Bayreuth Richard Wagner Festival ( The Flying Dutchman, stage designer Josef Svoboda, conductor Silvio Varviso, 1969; Tristan and Isolde, stage designer Josef Svoboda, conductor Carlos Kleiber, 1974), at the Vienna State Opera ( Tristan and Isolde, stage Günther Schneider- Siemssen, conductor Karl Böhm, 1967; Parsifal by Richard Wagner, stage and Costumes Jürgen Rose, conductor Horst Stein, 1979; Linda di Chamounix by Gaetano Donizetti, stage Philippe Arlaud, costumes Annette Beaufays, conductor Bruno Campanella, 1997), Vienna's theater in der Josefstadt, the Paris Opéra ( Parsifal, stage and Costumes Jürgen Rose, conductor Horst Stein, 1973; Elektra by Richard Strauss, set and Costume Designer Andrzej Majewski, conductor Karl Böhm, 1974; Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, stage Costumes and Toni Businger, conductor Georg Solti, 1975), the Metropolitan Opera in New York or at the opera houses in San Francisco and Warsaw. In the staging of The Magic Flute (1983 ) at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden - in the running game operating in Berlin since 1994 - Ever thing built on the sets of Karl Friedrich Schinkel (1816 ).

Other offices (selection)

  • Chairman of the German Cultural Council
  • President of the International Association of Opera Directors
  • Member of the Broadcasting Council, the Goethe Institute and InterNationes
  • Artistic director of the German Pavilion for the EXPO 2000 in Hannover


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