August Friedrich Christian Vilmar

August Friedrich Christian Vilmar ( born November 21, 1800 Solz at Bebra, Hesse, † 30 July 1868 in Marburg) was a conservative Lutheran theologian.

During his studies, he became in 1818 a member of the Old Marburger fraternity Germania.

He was a professor at the University of Marburg, a high school teacher and director (including 1833-1850 Director of the Electoral High School in Marburg, today the school Philippinum ) and Kurhessischer State Council. He was also known as a literary historian ( History of German National Literature, 1st edition 1845, 27th edition, 1911).

Church Renitenz

Vilmar became one of the leaders of the adjustment made under Prussian occupation government Unierung the Evangelical Church in occupied Electoral Hesse, from which eventually the unruly church became independent unaltered Augsburg Confession in Hesse.


July 30 in the Protestant calendar name.


The estate Vilmars is kept in the Hessian State Archive Marburg (stock 340 Vilmar a).